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>New Calf – New Breed?

Posted by Thrivelearning on March 8, 2010


Well, this little cuss was born yesterday and was up and kicking his heels within hours. Quite a beauty.

He’s a cross between a Belted Galloway (Beltie) bull and a white-faced Angus cow. That’s how he’s gotten his darling Panda looks.

The advantage of the Beltie/Angus cross is that you get the faster weight-gain of the Angus with the improved forage efficiency of the Beltie – who is rumored to eat almost anything out there. We’ve had one other last year, a heifer, who is already known affectionately as “Little Goat”.

Combined with our shift to managed grazing, ultimately to a “mob stocking” level, we will be able to produce an improved efficiency through our crossbreeding and forage management.

I’m working on a whitepaper about this subject, so should have more information for you shortly. And I have to get a video of this new little one for YouTube…

But our lives are already enriched.

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Easy, really, to get hope into your life

Posted by Thrivelearning on March 3, 2010

Easy, really, to get more hope into your life – and make everything around you far more sensible. You can make your life a calm and rewarding experience.

There are just two steps, actually:

1. Figure out what makes you happy and then focus on those.

2. Gradually work to get irritating things out of your life.

While you go along this path, you are adjusting your world view as well as your belief system to the one you’ve wanted.

The real reason you won’t have this all settled by now is due to the fact that you’ve accepted the people and situations around you that told you there was no control possible for your life – and that things didn’t always happen for the better.

Realistically, life is and always has been exactly what you’ve made of it. Simply, you can start remaking it by deciding simply what you want to improve in it and then move to that direction. Some will have to work at it. Others realize that it’s just changing your attitude toward things.

With the Internet, we now have the easiest time of this. Simply through a browser, you can have access to all the world’s philosophies and religious texts. As well, all the too-numerous books published every year. Lots of easy access to data.

Next, time to do something with it.

Just track what makes you happy, your life more pleasant – and then learn about how to get more of this type of and into your life on a regular basis. During this time, make room for all of this simply by getting all the noise and critical people and random effects right out of your life. Just do whatever you have to.

For critical people, this can be simply being pleasant to them – just not set them off. Don’t talk about subjects which you know irritate them. Be supportive and make all your own criticism constructive. If you have to live with these, then as you change your own actions, this will then help them adjust theirs. Don’t think for a moment they like to be critical – it’s just that they don’t know a better way to live life. So help educate them by your own example.


The rest of this article, along with references on how to get rich, is found at Getting Hope Into Your Life — Simple

And there’s an incredible wealth of data about the Larry Crane Release Technique (Sedona Method) at this site.

Now, it’s easier than ever to get rich. Lots of books on this subject:

I even compiled a lot of self help authors’ essays on money into a single book called Money: How to Get It, How to Keep It.

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A Master’s view of getting peace of mind – in just 2 steps

Posted by Thrivelearning on March 2, 2010

From what I’ve experienced, it’s really too simple to get peace of mind any time you want it. You do have to really want it – and then use Lester Levenson’s Sedona Methode (release techniques) to simply get just what you want.

Obviously, this means that all the Happiness and Freedom you could ever want is also yours. Because they are just the same thing, with different names.

Yes, it’s quite simple to do this. It’s easier done than said, but there’s only a two-step releasing process to apply. You may get more of a Zen-related result from this – since you can quickly get to the opint where all those former concerns just don’t matter anymore.

Simply: 1. Welcome whatever it is that’s bothering you – accept it for being what it is. 2. Consider the idea of letting it go.

Considering all the various environmental noises we experience, these steps might be good one’s to keep in view.

Of course, any Master would say probably that it was a waste of time even making this statement.

Because it is really that obvious.

This came from Lester Levenson’s earlier material. Not that Larry Crane or Hale Dwoskin didn’t have workable techniques for this. It’s just that I operate by diving right into the deep end before I even learn to dogpaddle.

Lester spent many, many years reading and studying all he could to understand this state he wound up in after 3 months of self-inspection. So his lectures and talks are full of references to yogi’s and swami’s and so on. He even quotes Jesus and and Hebrew prophets with the same abandon.

When you are releasing all these negative thoughts, you become more yourself – able to get all the inherent success, prosperity, abundance, and great relationships you could ever want. The trick is very much that you have to get beyond any “get rich quick” mindset (which the Sedona Methode techniques help with) and just concentrate on re-achieving that peace of mind which money has never bought.

Or, look at it this way: there are a great deal of people out there who want to help you – if you will only let them.

But don’t take my word for it. Test it on yourself for 30 days and see if it doesn’t do you some good.

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