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A Master’s view of getting peace of mind – in just 2 steps

Posted by Thrivelearning on March 2, 2010

From what I’ve experienced, it’s really too simple to get peace of mind any time you want it. You do have to really want it – and then use Lester Levenson’s Sedona Methode (release techniques) to simply get just what you want.

Obviously, this means that all the Happiness and Freedom you could ever want is also yours. Because they are just the same thing, with different names.

Yes, it’s quite simple to do this. It’s easier done than said, but there’s only a two-step releasing process to apply. You may get more of a Zen-related result from this – since you can quickly get to the opint where all those former concerns just don’t matter anymore.

Simply: 1. Welcome whatever it is that’s bothering you – accept it for being what it is. 2. Consider the idea of letting it go.

Considering all the various environmental noises we experience, these steps might be good one’s to keep in view.

Of course, any Master would say probably that it was a waste of time even making this statement.

Because it is really that obvious.

This came from Lester Levenson’s earlier material. Not that Larry Crane or Hale Dwoskin didn’t have workable techniques for this. It’s just that I operate by diving right into the deep end before I even learn to dogpaddle.

Lester spent many, many years reading and studying all he could to understand this state he wound up in after 3 months of self-inspection. So his lectures and talks are full of references to yogi’s and swami’s and so on. He even quotes Jesus and and Hebrew prophets with the same abandon.

When you are releasing all these negative thoughts, you become more yourself – able to get all the inherent success, prosperity, abundance, and great relationships you could ever want. The trick is very much that you have to get beyond any “get rich quick” mindset (which the Sedona Methode techniques help with) and just concentrate on re-achieving that peace of mind which money has never bought.

Or, look at it this way: there are a great deal of people out there who want to help you – if you will only let them.

But don’t take my word for it. Test it on yourself for 30 days and see if it doesn’t do you some good.

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